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Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is a cost-effective choice if you face growing responsibilities on a limited budget, expect your financial responsibilities to decrease after a limited period or want to free your funds for other uses.

LifeHorizons Termsetter and Termsetter ROP (Return of Premium) offer a variety of options to provide you with flexibility to build an insurance program based on your individual insurance needs.

Termsetter provides a level term death benefit with available guaranteed periods of 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 years. Termsetter ROP features level term death benefits and guaranteed periods of 20, 25, and 30 years, including a money-back guarantee with the return of premium feature. Termsetter ROP guarantees the base premium (excluding riders and substandard premiums) is returned to you at the end of the guaranteed term period provided the policy is in force and you are living.

Insurance that Protects
  • Loans - Term life insurance proceeds can help pay off your mortgage if you or your spouse were to die. And a mortgage isn’t the only financial burden your family may face when you die. Term life insurance proceeds can also help pay off car, business or personal loans.
  • Education Expenses - Your children’s educational needs can increase your family’s financial needs. You may have already borrowed some or all of this expense. With term life insurance this budgetary need may be fulfilled.
  • Financial Stability - Term life insurance proceeds provide a source of income for your family when they need it most.

Protection that Saves
  • Starter Coverage - Term life insurance provides economical coverage for a specified period of time, such as 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 years. You choose the coverage period that suites your family’s needs and financial budget.

Guaranteed Whole Life Insurance

Whether you are just starting out or planning for retirement, LifeHorizons Guaranteed Whole Life insurance is designed to protect you and your family for your whole life. You will gain a sense of security knowing this permanent life insurance can never be canceled as long as you pay the premiums.

Guaranteed whole life insurance offers a wide range of additional guarantees:

  • Guaranteed premiums remain level and will not increase while the policy is in force.
  • Guaranteed cash values accumulate on a tax-deferred basis allowing you to start planning right away.
  • Guaranteed insurability means that once the policy is in force, your classification will never change, unless it is to your advantage.
  • Guaranteed paid-up values are stated up-front for each policy year so you know where you stand if you should decide to stop paying premiums.

Protection, Conservation, Continuation

LifeHorizons Guaranteed Whole Life is ideal for many of your needs today. Consider using it when planning for:

  • Estate Conservation - Guaranteed liquidity to cover estate settlement costs.
  • Business Continuation - Guaranteed cash value, death benefit and premiums to finance business needs.
  • Charitable Giving - Convert your current term insurance to this guaranteed, permanent plan at very affordable rates with no proof of insurability.
  • Impaired Risk - Guaranteed premiums for individuals with increased health, occupational or avocation risks.

Disability Income Insurance

You insure your home against fire and your auto against collision. Have you overlooked your most important asset-your ability to work and earn an income?

According to the National Underwriter Company’s 2010 Filed Guide, in the next year:

  • One person in 114 will die
  • One out of 96 homes will catch fire
  • One car in five will be in an auto accident
  • One person in 21 will become disabled

Have you planned for your most likely risk? LifeHorizons Disability Income insurance provides a source of income when you lose income due to sickness or injury.

Can You Count on Social Security?

The Social Security program assumes that working families have access to other support and resources like workers’ compensation, savings, investments and insurance during periods of short-term disabilities.

If you plan to use Social Security benefits to provide disability income, you should know that in order to be considered eligible for benefits, you must be unable to engage in any type of work and your disability must be expected to last at least 12 months or to result in death. And seven out of 10 eligible applicants are initially denied coverage. Could you wait six months for benefits?

Plan Your Coverage

If you and your family depend on earned income, you should consider owning disability income insurance. To select the appropriate coverage for your situation, discuss your answers to these questions with your local independent agent:

  • How much of your income will you need to protect?
  • How long could you wait for disability benefits to start?
  • How long will you need disability benefits to continue?
  • Will you need to cover continuing overhead expenses for your business during your disability?

Universal Life Insurance

A universal life insurance policy gives you the flexibility to choose the amount of protection that best fits your needs. Flexible death benefit amounts and premiums allow you to keep pace with today’s changing life circumstances while building tax-deferred cash value.

LifeHorizons Simplicity Universal Life

Are you looking for universal life insurance protection with cash value accumulation, but the numbers just aren’t adding up? Consider Simplicty UL from Cincinnati Life.

Flexible death benefit amounts and premiums allow you to keep pace with today’s changing life circumstances while building tax-deferred cash value. As your needs change, the policy can change with you by allowing you to increase or decrease coverage.

With Simplicity UL you can count on:

  • Universal life coverage with competitive rates
  • Flexible premium payments and death benefits
  • Various riders to customize the policy to meet your needs
  • Guaranteed insurability to age 100
  • Tax-deferred cash value accumulation

LifeHorizons Lifesetter Universal Life

People sometimes debate which type of coverage to purchase: term or permanent. Although term insurance is typically less expensive initially, the concern is that you may outlive your life insurance policy. With a permanent policy, you face the reality of paying a higher premium for the coverage.

Now you have another option. LifeHorizons LifeSetter UL insurance offers you permanent death benefit protection with a lower level premium and minimum cash accumulation. By paying a level premium, you can guarantee that the coverage is there when needed.

LifeHorizons LifeSetter UL also offers:

  • Death benefit guarantees to age 121
  • Flexible guaranteed periods to meet your changing insurance needs

All insurance products are through our partners at The Cincinnati Insurance Companies.

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